There are many reasons why you may want to consider aerial photography.



DSC00174Aerial photos are a great way to document and keep a visual record of the progress of a construction project. This bird’s-eye view gives you a good idea of how the project fits into the surrounding area. The photos can be used in promotional materials and advertising.




Nice sharp, colorful aerial photos provide great marketing material. Show off your enterprise and its surrounding environment. If you want to emphasize how you are off the beaten path, or in the middle of everything, this is the way to do it!


Real Estate


Aerial photos can add to a sales presentation and give you the competitive edge over other properties for sale in a given neighborhood. These can be especially useful for commercial real estate, where the client may want a feeling for the site in relation to the surrounding area. Plus, these can make great gifts after the sale!


Legal Considerations

RailDownTownAerial photos have played a great role in getting the layout of the land in property disputes, accidents, both off-road and on highways, and in some litigation issues.



Personal Reasons

SONY DSCMaybe you just bought a house, and you want to preserve your memory of how it sits on the land that first year. Maybe you want to give someone a house-warming gift, and need a bright idea. Aerial photos can also give you a terriffic perspective of progress on a landscaping or gardening project over the months and years.


So, should you decide that you need aerial photography, we are at your service!