What kind of image files do you provide?

We normally shoot in Camera RAW format, commonly referred to as a digital negative. This allows us to do some post-processing work, such as color balance, contrast and exposure, without introducing compression artefacts. We then save the images as both JPEG and TIFF for your convenience. The TIFF files are excellent for archiving and for additional editing you may want to do. These files can be quite large, up to 40 MBytes. We also provide the smaller JPEG files, which are about 4 mBytes.

What is the turn-around time?

The biggest factor we have to deal with is the weather. We always discuss with our clients whether there are time-sensitive issues. Once we we are able to fly, you can expect to receive the photos within 24 hrs, delivered via password-protected Dropbox folder, or your own ftp site. We can still send DVDs with the images, if needed, by mail or FedEx.

Can you add notations and other mark-ups to the photos?

Yes we can. We can customize our product to suit your needs. We are skilled in Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator, and can add any notations you desire to the images. There is an extra charge for additional work. Please contact us for our rates.

Do I own the images?

You have full rights to use the images in any way you want. This includes commercial and non-commercial applications, in any print or electronic format. We do retain the copyright, and the only limitation we ask for is that you do not resell the images. If the copyright is important to you, we can negotiate this also.

What type of plane do you use?

We  use a Cessna 182. It is a 4-seater single engine airplane that is pretty much the backbone of general aviation. It gets us to the site quickly, yet is capable of going slow enough to set up for our shots. It is versatile enough to let us get as high or as low as we need to, yet is is the most cost-efficient aerial platform we can use. The nice thing about the airplane is that we can loiter around to take different levels of shots, from close-in shots to wide panaoramic pictures, We can change altitude for different perspectives and change lenses to suit different objectives. This is much more versatile than using a radio-controlled airplane. We also have access to helicopters if circumstances require them, such as a need to get down low, or other special conditions.

What kind of camera do you use?

We are constantly looking to add to and upgrade our equipment. We are now using a SONY alpha99 DSLR camera that captures images on a full-frame, 6000 by 4000 (24 Mpixels) sensor. Our pride & joy is the acclaimed SONY 100-400 G-series zoom lens, which ensures the optimal clarity and resolution with minimal chromatic aberration over a wide range.

Is your work guaranteed?

Our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will reshoot the project, at no extra cost to you. It is imperative that our clients are satisfied. After all, we want your return business, and we want you to tell your friends, colleagues and collaborators about us.

Do you use drones?

We now have a DJI Phantom drone, one of the higher-end drones for photography and HD videos. We are licensed, and the drone is registered with the FAA, so we comply with the recent regulations concerning commercial use of drones. Drones are limited to an altitude of below 400 ft, and we are required to get special permission for flights within the airspace close to airports.

Do you only shoot aerial photos?

No, we can do other things as well. Aerial photography is our specialty, and it does have many special considerations because of the unique environment. But we also take ground shots and interior shots for commercial and real-estate purposes. We can also do group photos, family photos, and passport photos. We can even do wedding photos and baby photos. In addition, we can shoot videos, and are expanding into food photography. It’s just that flying is a bit more fun.