SkyshotsTucson proudly announces our latest upgrade to our equipment. We now have the cutting edge technology of the SONY alpha99 DSLR and the SAL70400G telephoto lens. The camera is a full-frame, 24MPixel DSLR that employs translucent mirror technology, a CMOS sensor and HDR capability. These features allow for daster, cleaner shots with amazingly fast auto-focus and substantial reduction in noise. The lens provides excellent contrast and clarity with very little chromatic abberration, even at high magnifications. Click on the links to get more information on the SONY Alpha a99 DSLR camera and the SONY 70mm to 400mm G-series telephoto lens. We’ve had a very good experiences at the Sony Store in Century City @ 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. Ask for Jackson for excellent customer service; he knows the products well.

Pan-STARRS CometWe were recently visited by a celestial body, Comet Pan-Starrs! And an even brighter one promises to show up in November. If you want to see some of our photos of the comet, visit our FLICKR link here.